SEATTLE, Wash. -- The National Safety Council (NSC) traditionally hosts National Safety Month every June to promote safety throughout the country, and this year's observances target the most significant reasons for unintentional deaths at home, in the workplace, and on the road, with the week of 2-6 June specifically set aside to encourage emergency preparedness messaging. According to FEMA Regional Administrator Susan Reinertson, engaging citizens in homeland security and disaster preparedness is a critical first step in effective government response and recovery efforts.

"Calendar observances like National Safety Month are great vehicles for enhancing public awareness on the importance of personal preparedness, 72-hour emergency kits, and family disaster planning. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the spring and summer months herald increased risks for thunderstorms, wildfire and flash flooding, and now is the time to plan how to respond when disaster strikes," said Reinertson. "A good place to start is by downloading our Are You Ready? In-depth guide to Citizen Preparedness from or visit FEMA's homepage at It's our most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness."
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