It's against the law to talk on the cell while driving.
Most burglaries occur during the day, so lock the doors and windows and consider an alarm system. Know your neighbors and who belongs in your neighborhood.
Be on guard against purse snatchers or pickpockets in malls or other public places.
Don't respond to a doorbell or kncok on your door unless you know who it is.
Never give out pins or passwaords for your private transactions, including your social security numbers and birth dates. If you think your identtityu has been compromised, call the threee creidt bureaus and put them on alert.
Shred all correspondence and documents that contain your personal information - don't put them in the garbage for crooks to find. For information log-on to Avoiding Identtity Theft
If you get a call from an unwanted caller or solicitor, tell them to remove you from their call list and not to call back, then hang up the phone.
If you see suspicious activity ... call 911.
If someopne approaches you for directions when you are alone in your car, roll the window up and make sure your doors are locked. If you chosse to speak to them, opening your window an inch or so is sufficient to communicate.
Mostly, remain aware of your surrondings and what is going around you.
The biggest dangers to the elderly is usually a medical or injury situation. Call 911 promptly.